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Personal Search Preferences

Lets you define your preferred search settings. Once configured, these settings will be in effect whenever you log in.

There are three sections of the page which can be enabled in any combination. If one (or more) of these sections is not available for selection, it has not been enabled by your library. These three sections are: Search options, Display options, and Databases.

Search options

  • Select a type of search and specify defaults for the selected search.

Display options

  • Select the desired number of records to display, per page, from the drop-down box.


  • Select all databases you wish to connect to when performing a search.
  • Remember that all of these databases (if you select more than one) will be connected to each time you log in and perform a search, until you go to the Databases page and change them, or change them here.

When finished, click the Save button.