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We've brought AGRICOLA, PubAg, and NALDC together in one place. Introducing SEARCH from the USDA National Agricultural Library. Visit https://search.nal.usda.gov and let us know what you think.

This version of AGRICOLA will retire on January 1, 2023 and no new content is being added at this time.

Welcome to AGRICOLA

AGRICOLA, a database produced by the National Agricultural Library (NAL), contains over 6 million records encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied discipline.

It consists of two subsets of records:

  1. Citations for journal articles that include abstracts (NAL Article Citation Database)
  2. Bibliographic records describing monographs, serials, audiovisual materials and online content from around the world (NAL Cataloging Database)

Search in the Cataloging Database ONLY

Includes books, journals/serials, audiovisuals and other resources.

Search in the Article Citation Database ONLY

Includes journal articles, book chapters and short reports.