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Call Number Index

The title list summarizes your search results. The list is in call number order.

To display the record details associated with a title, click on the underlined title to jump to the details. You can page through your results by using the navigation bar.

You can save information about the current records displayed in several ways as shown in the Save Options section.

If you only want to save information about specific records,

  1. Mark the record(s) you are interested in by clicking on the white box on the left side of the screen. A checkmark displays.
  2. Click Selected on Page in the Save Options section.
  3. Select the format in which you want to save the record(s): ASCII text or MARC format
  4. Click the save button to save the record(s). Click the Clear Selected to clear the checkmarks from all of the current titles.

If you want to save information about all of the current records,