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The Specifications for Cataloging and Indexing Records from the National Agricultural Library, which for many years has been distributed to AGRICOLA vendors, is now being made publicly available online. In addition to technical specifications, the document contains information on AGRICOLA’s history, scope, subject areas, procurement procedures, etc.

AGRICOLA Specifications for Cataloging and Indexing Records (PDF|241 KB) An extensive and detailed description of the scope, development, organization and history of AGRICOLA, the catalog of the National Agricultural Library. Includes the standards for bibliographic description employed in creating records for the database and details of the record distribution system.

AGRIS Geographical Codes (PDF|156 KB) A complete list of the geographical codes established by AGRIS, the international information system for the agricultural sciences and technology, created by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Sorts the codes first by country name and then again by alpha-numerical code.

NAL Classification Numbers in the AGRICOLA Databases (PDF|46 KB) Lists special classification numbers used exclusively at the National Agricultural Library for serials and monographs in series. Replaced by the Library of Congress Classification system in 1966 but still found in older AGRICOLA records.

NAL Subject Category Codes (PDF|149 KB) Lists, and in some cases describes, the various subject category codes employed through various periods at the National Agricultural Library. Includes the 1970-71 Category Codes, the 1972 Category Codes, the FNIC Category Codes, and the AGRICOLA Subject Category Codes for 1980 to the present.